Software Development Kit

dao-data (opens in a new tab)

The DAO Data library wraps the subgraphs, queries to the Ceramic node and potentially other sources of data. It converts these data sources into objects applications can use. We have tried to make querying more simple than directly accessing the subgraph via GraphQL.


The package name for importing is @daohaus/data (opens in a new tab).

npm i @daohaus/dao-data


The SDK provides a Haus class that you'll need to import into your component and instantiate it:

// App.tsx
import { Haus } from '@daohaus/dao-data'
const haus = Haus.create()

Once this is imported you can access the SDK methods that are available. For example, to use the functionality related to user profiles, you can use the following:

// App.tsx
const profile = await haus.profile.get(address)
const profileDaoMemberships = await haus.profile.listDaosByMember({
  networkId: ['0x5'],

You will want to wrap this in a try/catch block to handle any errors that may occur like you would with other asynchronous calls.