Settings Faq

Settings FAQ

Q: How do I view my DAOs settings?


A: You can view you DAOs setting by clicking on the gear icon in the left menu bar.

Q: Can I change the setting in my DAO?


A: Currently, settings for proposal deposit, processing reward, voting period and proposal velocity can not be changed.

Q: Can I change my DAOs metadata?


A: Yes, you can change the DAOs Avatar, name, description, long description, purpose and tags. You may also add or edit the DAOs community links.

Q: Can I change the appearance of my DAO?


A: From the settings, click on edit custom theme. You may change primary, secondary and background colors. You may also change your background to an image. Additionally you can also change fonts.

Q: My DAO would like to change the names of some of the DAO functions, is this possible?


A: While in the Edit Custom Theme section, you can click the "Wording" tab and you can change many of the words used in the user interface. For example your DAO may find it easier to call "boosts" something like "add-ons".

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