Summoner Faq

Summoner FAQ

Q: Is there a test / staging area for creating DAOs?


A: Yes, DAOhaus is on Göerli. It is also really cheap to test on xDAI.

Q: I want to summon a DAO, but I'd like to customise the DAO parameters. How do I do this?


A: You can switch to Hard mode and you'll be able to configure the parameters to meet your DAO needs.

Q: What is "Dilution Bound" in Hard Mode settings when summoning a DAO?


A: Dilution bound is a mechanism to handle edge cases where many members RageQuit, increasing the dilution of non-ragequit members. This hasn't been used before, but 3 is usually good.

Q: What is "Processing Reward"?


A: The processing reward is a mechanism to incentivize members to actively process proposals and keep the proposal funnel clear.

Q: There is no explicit setting for proposal velocity in Hard Mode. Where is it?


A: In Hard Mode, the voting period is equal to the proposal velocity. So, at a default of 7200 seconds, it is 2 hours. If mutiple proposals are submitted at the same time, one proposal will enter into voting every 2 hours (first in, first out). Therefore, with a shorter voting period you raise the upper limit for proposal velocity in your DAO.

Q: Can I change the proposal velocity / voting period after creating the DAO?


A: Unfortunately, no. The alternative would be to upgrade your DAO, clone the members / shares and transfer the balances over to the new DAO.

Q: Can I customise the font and colours of my DAO theme?


A: Yes, you can customise the font and colours of your DAO theme through the "Custom Theme" app

Q: I'm setting up a Grants DAO. Is there a recommended number of share per summoner to start with?


A: An arbitrary rule of thumb is to have more than 1, so keeping it to 10 would be a good start. It is also helpful to set a minimum / maximum for members, as well as loot for whales. For instance, if 1 share is estimted to be 0.1 ETH, each member can have minimum 10, maximum 100 shares. For whales who want to add more than 10 ETH (i.e. >100 shares), they would be allocated loot instead of shares. This makes the DAO fair and functional for members, and whales.

Q: If I would like to customise my DAO further (other than the the Hard Mode settings), how can I do it?


A: The Hard Mode settings are the base settings of the DAO contract. Any other customisations will have to be done through a Minion.

Q: Who can change the metadata of the DAO?


A: Any DAO member with shares is able to customise the DAO's metadata.

Q: How much does it cost to summon a DAO?


A: On ETH mainnet, it depends on the gas prices. On a side chain like xDAI or Polygon, it is almost free at around USD0.01

Q: What is the best way to reset shares and loot distribution in my DAO?


A: The easiest way is to summon a new DAO with the desired shares distribution.

Q: How can I airdrop tokens to my DAO members?


A: Using a minion, you can use Disperse.app or Multisender to send tokens to the list of members' addresses from the bank.

Q: How do I export my DAO transactions for taxation purposes?


A: All DAO transactions are on-chain and you can export the transactions via contract address. Alternatively, you can use Dune Analytics to extract the information.

Q: My DAO is new and has no proposals. I want to ragequit but cannot do so as I'm faced with an error. How do I fix this?


A: You are not able to ragequit because there are no proposals in the DAO yet. An easy way to rage quit will be to submit a proposal (such as Signal Proposal) and you'll be able to ragequit after.

Registering DAOs in Wyoming

Q: I'm registering my DAO in Wyoming and I'm asked for a "Publicly available identifier" for my DAO. What should I fill in here?


A: You can fill in the DAO contract address.

Q: I am forming a WY DAO LLC. Where can I find more information on this?


A: You can refer to LexDAO's thoughts here (opens in a new tab) or hop into our Discord to brainstorm and crowdsource ideas with the community.

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