HAUS Token

HAUS Token

What is HAUS & What is it Used For?

HAUS is the token that sits at the centre of the DAOhaus ecosystem.

HAUS is used for voting in PublicHAUS governance and compensation to contributors.


PublicHAUS is the governing body that oversees DAOhaus as a platform and HAUS as a token.

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Warcamp DAO

Warcamp DAO (opens in a new tab) is currently responsible for the development and oversight of the DAOhaus platform, and is in the process of handing control over to PublicHAUS.

HAUS Information

There is 1,000,000 total supply of HAUS with approximately 670,000 of that in circulation. The charts below show the distribution on Ethereum Mainnet and Gnosis (xdai) chain.



Official Links & Addresses

The HAUS token is currently available on Gnosis Chain and Mainnet.

Ethereum Mainnet

Gnosis Chain

Listing Sites