Why DAOhaus?

Why Choose DAOhaus?

Here's why hundreds of DAOs have chosen to use the DAOhaus platform:

Treasury Management

At the core of a DAO is the organization’s bank, sometimes referred to as a treasury. The bank is a critical element to the DAO software stack, as it allows for members to co-mingle and co-manage funds in a semi-trustless manner.

DAOhaus allows you to disburse and monitor fund transfers from a shared treasury in a variety of ways. Learn more about DAOhaus Safes.

Versatile Governance

Share-based voting lets your team create and vote on a variety of proposal types. Decisions need to be made about what to do with the money in the bank, but also about membership - and really anything the group wants to coordinate around.

DAO software has built-in mechanisms to help with this. Members are voted in (or added when the DAO is launched) and the software allows members of a DAO (or even non-members) to submit proposals and allows members to vote on those proposals. Learn more about DAOhaus Proposals

Member Protections

DAOhaus provides member protection through Grace Periods and the "ragequit" functionality. After a proposal passes, a Grace Period follows where members can choose to pull out their share of funds before the proposal passes. This ensures that even when there is a disagreement, each individual has options to protect their investment. Learn more about DAOhaus Membership Features

Community Developed

The DAOhaus platform is owned and operated by community members just like you. We strive to provide many ways for people to be involved in the cultivation of the DAOhaus ecosystem.

Ways to Get Involved: