DAOhaus v2
Boosts Developer Overview

Boost developers add functionality to the DAOhaus app by adding modular feature sets called "Boosts."

To get started right away, see the Quick Start Boost Development Tutorial

As a recap, Boosts create custom proposal types that enable Moloch DAOs to interact with external smart contracts (via Minions) or off-chain APIs. Developers can work with "Code Legos" such as custom field inputs, form layouts and transaction payloads to create these Boosts

If you are a developer thinking of building a Boost, you will need to assemble the following 3 categories of Code Legos

  1. Forms, Proposals and Playlists: These render the proposal forms and fields for proposal submission.
  2. Contracts and ABIs: This stores the contracts and ABI (Application Binary Interface) calls that power your use cases.
  3. Transactions: This prepares the transaction schemas that are required for the smart contract calls.