DAOhaus v2
Welcome to the DAOhaus Developer Docs

Hello, welcome to the DAOhaus Developer Docs!

DAOhaus is the no-code platform for creating and managing a Moloch DAO.

Who is this documentation for?

This documentation is for developers who want to learn more about and build on the DAOhaus platform (opens in a new tab).

Start building a Boost 🏗

To start building a Boost, head to our Boost Tutorial

Learn more about the DAOhaus stack 📖

To learn more about how the DAOhaus stack works, head to DAOhaus Stack

Support beyond these docs 👋

Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to hit us up in our #support channel on Discord (opens in a new tab).

This is the best place to make feature requests, report bugs or just ask us anything about DAOs.

Contribute 💻

If you would like to contribute to DAOhaus, please visit Contributing to DAOhaus (opens in a new tab).