DAOhaus v2
Quick Start

If you're building Boosts on DAOhaus, you will be working with the DAOhaus app. Here's how to get started!

Set up your local environment

This tutorial was created using Terminal on MacOS. If you are using a different OS, you may have to change some of these commands, but the process will be the same.

1. Clone the daohaus-app repo

git clone https://github.com/HausDAO/daohaus-app.git
cd daohaus-app
git branch <branchname_that_includes_yourdiscordhandle>
git checkout <branchname_that_includes_yourdiscordhandle>
touch .env

Including your Discord handle in the branch name helps us when providing support.

2. Configure your local environment

Open the .env file you just created with touch in your root directory and add the following:


REACT_APP_INFURA_PROJECT_ID= `Your Infura Project ID here`

If you don't have an RPC_URI or INFURA_PROJECT_ID, you can delete those lines. You can get started without them, but you won't be able to initiate contract transactions from your local machine.

3. Install dependencies and launch

yarn install  // install dependencies
yarn start // launch the DAOhaus app

Summon a test DAO on Rinkeby

You will require a test DAO on the Rinkeby network before you can test and simulate transactions in your local environment.

Before you begin, please ensure that your wallet address contains Rinkeby ETH. Or else, you can request Rinkeby ETH from rinkebyfaucet.com (opens in a new tab)

1. Switch to Rinkeby network and visit app.daohaus.club/summon (opens in a new tab)

2. Click the Hard Mode button in the upper right of the UI

Entering "Hard Mode" allows you to manually configure your DAO.


3. Configure your test DAO's parameters

For more efficient testing, we recommend setting shorter time periods and lower deposit amounts. You may use the following parameters to start:

  • How many seconds per period? Enter 60 seconds
  • How many periods will the voting period last? Enter 1 period
  • How many periods will the grace period last? Enter 1 period
  • What will be the dilution bound? Leave the default at 3
  • How much is the proposal deposit (needs to be in wei - 18 decimals)? Enter 5000000000000000
  • How much is the processing reward? Enter 2000000000000000
  • Summoners & Starting Shares
    • Enter your wallet address followed by 1 (e.g. 0x64f372ef18b423ed61719ba0c730cf84640551a6 1)
    • For additional team members, enter their address and amount of shares on another line. Separate address and amount with a space.

4. Click SUMMON

Confirm the transaction, pay the Rinkeby ETH transaction fee and your test DAO is ready!