DAOhaus v2
How Code Review Works

Before Submitting

  • Run the code
  • Try to do your own QA and break the component
  • Skim changes and make sure the code is clean
  • Make sure that every aspect in the 'Deliverables' portion of the spec has been implemented.
  • For contract interaction:
    • Test the TX many times with different args
    • Make sure the poll updates
    • Make sure that all of the relevant values have been refreshed properly after TX
    • Close the browser window during the TX and open it again. Make sure the caching utilities work.

Submit a PR

  • label your PR by type
    • ex. (feature/BrandNewFeature or bug/FixSummonForm)
  • Leave the PR. Do not merge.
  • Wait for a review from a peer
  • They will read the code and comment to make sure it adheres to the code guide.
  • If the component is ready to go, the review sends it to QA
  • If it doesn't, pull down your PR again and update it.

QA Testing

  • QA tester uses the new feature or upgrade
  • Pretending they're the user, they try to break the component
  • They log out values to observe possible weaknesses.
  • Any additional stress testing.
  • QA tester cleans up any nasty code that the code reviewer may have missed.
  • Once the component is safe, it gets pushed to develop


  • (Sam)

Common sense clause

  • There can't be a rule for everything, so changes can be rejected even if they're not part of the rules
  • Sumbitters are also very free to break rules if they have a reason to do so, though it's better to explain why in a comment
  • Bugs and quick fixes may not need such a thorough review process.