DAOhaus v2
Tokens and Balances

Treasury, Minions & Safes


A Moloch DAO is able to hold ERC-20 and ERC-721 assets. Members of a DAO can withdraw their their proportional ownership of the treasury using the ragequit feature.

If you are new to Treasury in Moloch DAOs, refer to Treasury Introduction (opens in a new tab).

The DAOhaus app displays token balances and prices from the DAO treasury. ERC-20 token prices are fetched from Coingecko's price APIs and the token icons are fetched from TrustWallet's repository.


A minion is a smart contract that enables the DAO to make arbitrary calls to external smart contracts. A minion is also able to hold ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens within the internal balance, but these funds are not ragequittable by DAO members.

When a Minion Proposal is submitted, voted on and passed, the Minion will execute the instructions contained in the Minion Proposal, enabling trustless voting and execution.

If you are new to Minions in Moloch DAOs, refer to Minions Introduction (opens in a new tab).

Safe Minions

DAOhaus has integrated with the Gnosis Zodiac framework to create the Safe Minion, where a DAO can store funds in a Gnosis Safe but use the Minion to control the Safe through proposals.

The Minion inherits the Module.sol contract from the Zodiac library. When a Minion Propsal is passed and executed, the Minion uses the Module’s exec function to execute arbitrary external calls on behalf of the Safe.