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Join a DAO

Joining a DAO means joining a magical internet community. Some DAOs are selective about who they let in, while others are open to anyone willing to contribute work or tribute some payment to the DAO bank.

The first step to joining a DAO is to create a membership proposal where you’ll pledge some amount of “tribute” in exchange for a certain number of shares.

To create a proposal, visit your DAOhaus DAO (opens in a new tab) and select “View Proposals” followed by New Proposal, following these steps:

  1. Choose the “membership” proposal type.
  2. Enter a proposal title (your name + membership proposal).
  3. Enter a description, tell the DAO you're applying to why they should admit you.
  4. Input link(s) to any supplementary or supporting docs.
  5. Input the number of shares you're requesting.
  6. Input the tribute amount you are committing to deposit to the DAO bank.

Before you become a full-fledged member, a current member of the DAO will have to sponsor your proposal, then the members will need to vote you in, and, finally, someone will need to process your proposal.

Note: As a reminder, tribute means the DAI, wETH, or other token that the DAO requires to be deposited into the DAO for a new member to join. A DAO will often list the minimum amount of tribute to be requested and how many DAO shares that translates into.

Add Members

If you're submitting the Membership Proposal for someone else, you can click 'Additional Options' > 'Applicant', and then input their address instead of your own.