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Boosts 101

What are Boosts?

Boosts are plugins that introduce functionality to your DAOs beyond the core functionalities of treasury, shares, loots and proposals. You can think of them like apps for iOS devices, plugins for Shopify shops.

The DAOhaus Boosts Marketplace is where you can discover, search and install Boosts for your DAO. We currently have around 15 Boosts in the following categories:

  1. Community
  2. Governance
  3. Payments
  4. Finance
  5. NFTs
  6. Dev Tools
  7. Membership

To explore the Boosts Marketplace, click on the Boosts icon (🚀) on the left Navbar as a DAO member.

How do Boosts & Minions work together?

On the 'Installed tab', you can view your installed Boosts and Minions. Boosts that require smart contract interactions will require a Minion to be summoned.

For a recap, Minions enable your DAO to call arbitrary contracts, enabling you to do many things such as manage ENS, collect NFTs, manage treasury in DeFi, etc.

To further explain the relationship between Boosts and Minions, refer to the table below.

Boost TypesRequires Minion?Example
1Boosts that do not have smart contract interactionsNoDiscord Notifications, Discourse Forum
2Boosts that have smart contract interactionsYesSuperfluid

For Boosts that require a Minon, the installation steps will bring you through summoning a Minion and setting up your Boosts.

Who can build Boosts?

Boosts in the DAOhaus Ecosystem can be built by any community developers.

To learn more visit our developer documenation: How to build a Boost