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:::info Editors' Note: If you want more granular data on your Bank's transactions or need to do financial reporting, this Boost is a must for you! :::


The DAO Books Boost helps you break down & visualise your DAO vault balances into transactions (inflows and outflows), so you can better understand how the vault funds are being spent or added. This is especially helpful for transactional analytics, book-keeping and financial reporting.

By installing this Boost, your DAO's vaults will now have a new button which leads to your Vault Book (i.e. book-keeping view of your vault). In your Vault Book, you will see a breakdown of every transaction (inflows and outflows) as well as a consolidated closing for your vaults. For further analysis & reporting, you can also export your Vault Book into a CSV format.

Installation Steps

  1. Summon or select a Minion
  2. Add Proposals Playlist
  3. Sign the transaction & your Boost is installed!


Please ensure you've installed DAO Books before following the steps below

  1. Navigate to your Vaults and click View Books.

  1. You'll be redirected to the DAO Books app, featuring all the Vaults & Minions belonging to your DAO.

  2. Select a Vault / Minion and click Vault Book.

  1. In the Vault Book, you'll see the Total Inflows, Outflows and Closing amounts of the Vault on top, followed by your transactions (by Date, Type, Counter Party, Token, In & Out amounts)

  1. Use the respective filters to sort through your transactions, or click Export to export a CSV file.

  2. Scroll down further to see the Inflows, Outflows and Balances of each token you have in your Vault.


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