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  • Category: Payments
  • Publisher: Boost Foundry
  • Available Networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis Chain
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:::info Editors' note: Built with disperse.app's smart contracts, this Boost helps distribute tokens to multiple addresses, regardless whether they are DAO members or not. This is perfect for distributing token airdrops, farming rewards or even compensation payouts. :::


Does your DAO need to distribute or airdrop tokens?

The Disperse Boost enables your DAO to distribute tokens to multiple addresses directly through your Safe Minion. This Boost is using the same smart contract rails as disperse.app (opens in a new tab). To disperse tokens, you just need to enter the token address, recipient addresses, and recievable amounts.

Once the proposal has passed, your distribution will be on its way to the addresses.

Installation Steps

  1. Summon or Select a Minion
  2. Add Proposals Playlist
  3. Sign the transaction & your Boost is installed!


Before attempting the tutorial, please ensure that you've already:

  1. Installed a Safe Minion & Disperse Boost
  2. Deposited the tokens you'd like to transfer in the Safe Minion

How to Disperse tokens to multiple addresses

  1. Create a Disperse Proposal

  1. Select the Minion you will distributing funds from & the token you want to distribute.

  1. In the Address list field, enter the recipient's wallet address and the corresponding amount receivable.

The address list can accept the following formats

  • 0x1234...5678 1.23 (separated by space)
  • 0x8765...4321, 3.21 (separated by .)
  • 0x5678...1234=3.21 (separated by =)

Recipient addresses do not need to be members of the DAO

  1. Enter the rest of the relevant fields such as Title, Description and Link.

  2. Click Submit to submit your proposal for voting.

  3. Once the proposal has been passed & processed, navigate to the Proposal page & click Execute Minion.


For support, please go to our Discord at https://discord.com/invite/daohaus (opens in a new tab)