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Hedgey Time-locked Token Distribution Boost

:::info Editors' note: This Boost is perfect for DAOs that want to distribute and timelock tokens to their contributors, investors or community members. All recipients will recieve a NFT (representing the locked tokens) which they can redeem after the unlock date :::


This boost allows DAOs to send a group of recipients any token, in any amount, which are locked until a custom unlock date. Recipients receive a unique NFT that acts as a right to their locked tokens. Each recipient can be set to receive different amounts of tokens and unlock dates.

You must possess your NFT to claim tokens. To claim tokens, recipients must redeem (burn) the NFT after the unlock date. Reach out to our support if you want to add your logo to your Hedgey NFTs (see DAOHaus and ShapeShift). For help getting started or questions, reach out to us on our Discord.

Installation Steps

  1. Summon or Select a Minion
  2. Add Proposals Playlist
  3. Sign the transaction & your Boost is installed!


Before attempting the tutorial, please ensure that you've already:

  1. Installed a Safe Minion & Hedgey Time-locked Token Distribution Boost. (See the Boost Installation Guide)
  2. Deposited the tokens you'd like to transfer in the Safe Minion

How to distribute time-locked tokens to multiple addresses

  1. Create a new Hedgey Contributor Rewards Proposal

  2. Select a Minion that holds the tokens you are transferring and select the token

  3. Indicate the unlock date for the tokens in the Reward Unlock Date field

  4. Indicate the list of Recipient Addresses, Token Amounts and Optional Unlock Date Overrides

    • Unlock Date Overrides (yyyy/mm/dd format) are optional and will override the Reward Unlock Date field for specific addresses
    • Addresses, token amounts and unlock dates can be separated by any delimiter
    • To minimize risk of errors, it is recommended for you to create your distribution list in Google Sheets first and pasting it into the field.
  5. Enter the rest of the relevant fields such as Title, Description and Link.

  6. Click Submit to submit your proposal for voting.

  7. Once the proposal has been passed & processed, navigate to the Proposal page & click Execute Minion.


For support, please go to Hedgey's Discord at https://discord.gg/hedgey (opens in a new tab)