DAOhaus v2
DAO Operators
Installing Boosts

This is a general guide for installing Boosts. The instructions may vary for certain Boosts - Please follow any specific instructions for the Boosts you are installing

1. Go to the Boosts Marketplace & select a Boost you'd like to install

Click on the 'Market' tab to see available Boosts & filter by categories to find the Boost you need.

Found a Boost you'd like to install? Click Install to see more details

2. Click Install & follow the next steps

Once you click Install, a modal should appear with some basic information:

  • Publisher: Who built this Boost?
  • Network: Is this Boost available on your current network?
  • Description: What does this Boost do?
  • Install Steps: How do you install the Boost?

When you'd like to continue, click 'Next' and continue with the next steps.

3a. Install or Select a Minion (where prompted)

If your Boosts require smart contract interactions, you will be prompted to summon a new Minion or select an existing Minion.

When installing a new Minion, you will be prompted to set a Minion Name and your desired Quorum levels

3b. Complete other necessary steps (where prompted)

For certain Boosts, there may be additional steps you need to complete. Some examples include:

  • Discord Notifications Boost: You will need to set up & invite the Bot into your Discord Server
  • Discourse Forum: You will need to customise the look & feel of your forum.

4. Add Proposal Playlist & Sign

As the last step, you will need to add the Boosts' Proposal Playlists, so that members can start submitting new proposal types with the Boost' functionality.

Once you've looked through the Proposal Playlist, sign the transaction to install your Boost.

5. Congrats! Your Boost is live