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Minion DEV Suite V3 (Safe Minion)

:::info Editors' note: This is great for users who want to interact with smart contracts AND want a Gnosis Safe to be holding the funds. :::


Deploying a Minion and a Gnosis Safe, this Boost enables your DAO to manage funds in a Gnosis Safe, as well as do complex multi-call transactions via the Minion.

This Boost is perfect for advanced DAOs looking to trade NFTs, manage LP positions in AMMs or do other arbitrary transactions

To increase proposal velocity for less critical proposals, the ability to set quorum levels enable early execution when a minimum quorum is met.

Installation Steps

  1. Summon or Select a Minion
  2. Add Proposals Playlist
  3. Sign the transaction & your Boost is installed!


For support, please go to our Discord at https://discord.com/invite/daohaus (opens in a new tab)