DAOhaus v2
DAO Operators
  • Category: Integrations
  • Publisher: DAOhaus
  • Available Networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis Chain
  • Github: -


The ability to make external contract calls is a powerfully important option for your DAO to have.

This functionality is currently available through the DAOhaus Safe Minion Transaction Builder proposal type.

The WalletConnect Boost leverages the power of WalletConnect to make it even easier for your DAO to interact with external contracts.

Usage Steps

How to create a DAOhaus proposal with WalletConnect:

View the Video walkthrough (opens in a new tab) 🎬

  1. Click the “Use WalletConnect” button from within a DAOhaus Safe Minion to open the WalletConnect Boost.

  2. Navigate to the external app and sign in with WalletConnect. Then click “copy to clipboard” to get your WalletConnect Link.

  3. Paste the link into the WalletConnect Boost on DAOhaus and click “Continue.” - The WalletConnect boost is now listening for transactions within the external app.

  4. Initiate a transaction through the external app (e.g. wrapping 1 ETH on CowSwap.)- The WalletConnect boost will detect the transaction and make it part of a new proposal.

  5. Add in the details for your DAOhaus proposal (type a title, description and choose the appropriate minion.)

  6. Click “Submit” & pay the gas fee for initiating a DAO proposal

Your proposal is now live! If your DAO votes yes on the proposal, the transaction you made in Step 4 will be initiated after your proposal is processed by the DAO.


For support, please go to our Discord at https://discord.com/invite/daohaus (opens in a new tab)