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What is HAUS & what is it used for?

HAUS is the token that sits in the centre of the DAOhaus ecosystem.


UberHaus is the governing body that oversees DAOhaus as a platform and HAUS as a token. DAOs need to pledge a minimum of 500 HAUS to join.

DAOhaus is governed by UberHaus, a DAO of DAOhaus DAOs (i.e. actual DAOhaus users & community members). UberHaus holds the majority of the HAUS tokens treasury, governs strategic decision-making and fosters DAO2DAO interactions within DAOhaus.

$HAUS holders can provide liquidity and earn rewards through PoolHAUS (opens in a new tab) - a way to attract and reward sustainable liquidity provision through a DAO of LP providers.

$HAUS can be used to tip and incentivize others in the DAOhaus Discord (opens in a new tab)

Warcamp DAO (opens in a new tab) is currently responsible for the development and oversight of the DAOhaus platform, and the HAUS token is used for compensation to contributors.

HAUS Information

Total Supply: 1,000,000 HAUS

Circulating Supply: 387,000 HAUS

Official Links & Addresses

The HAUS token is currently available on Gnosis Chain and Mainnet.

Ethereum Mainnet

Gnosis Chain

Listing Sites

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