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What is Moloch?

Moloch refers to the set of smart contracts underpinning DAOs operating on DAOhaus. DAOhaus uses Moloch v2.1.

Permissioned DAOs

Typically Moloch DAOs are permissioned meaning that in order to join one, an existing member has to invite or vouch for you through sponsoring and voting on a membership proposal.

Membership in a Moloch DAO is represented through shares and loot.

  • Shares represent a member's governance and voting power.
  • Loot represents economic claim against assets in the DAO treasury, but not voting power.

Moloch v2.1 does not support share or loot transfers, removing the risk of individuals or bots purchasing or trading shares on a secondary market, a mechanic that was designed to prevent capture.

See also: Anticapture (opens in a new tab) to learn more about security and your DAO.

Moloch is open-source

Moloch is the simple, open-source DAO framework we use at DAOhaus. Its simplicity is important for 3 reasons:

  1. Security (less code, less bugs)
  2. Usability (complex tech but easiest to understand and use)
  3. Extensibility (the ability to extend its functionality to meet evolving community needs).

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