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Joining DAOs

Q: What is the difference between holding Shares versus Loot?


A: Shares represent voting rights, and loot just economic rights. Shares and loot are non-transferable.

Q: How can I assign Loot to DAO members after creating the DAO?


A: Make a funding proposal requesting loot, and specify in the Applicant field the Ethereum address of the member you want to receive the Loot.

Q: Can we set a fixed price for shares & fixed minimum for new member tributes?


A: Currently, this feature is not available. Instead, you can add instructions on the member proposal form for new members. To ensure new members adhere to these instructions, you can pass or fail the voting for these proposals

Q: A new joiner to the DAO deposited tribute and submitted a funding proposal, instead of a membership proposal. How do we add him into the DAO?


A: Since the new joiner has submitted his tribute, you can now ask him/her to create a membership proposal, requesting for shares without putting up any tribute

Q: I just submitted a membership proposal to a DAO, what happens next?


A: After you submit the proposal, an existing member will need to sponsor a proposal before it goes for voting.

Q: How do I get shares from my DAO without giving tribute?


A:Submit a membership proposal and enter '0' in the Tribute field. Next, click 'Additional Options' then 'Applicant' to add the receiving member's address.

Guild Kick & Rage Quit

Q: If a member is Guild Kicked, do they receive their share of the bank after being kicked?


A: Yes, they receive a pro-rated amount of the bank, based on their share & loot ownership.

Q: How are disputes managed in DAOhaus?


A: When there are disputes, DAOs should resolve disputes on their own, thereafter using Guild Kick to kick members or Rage Quit to leave the DAO.

Q: How can I remove shares from a member?


A: There are 2 ways you can do this. You can either get the member to ragequit the desired amount of shares OR the DAO can submit and pass a Guild Kick proposal (acting as a forced Rage Quit)

Q: If my DAO holds NFTs and someone ragequits, what would happen to the NFT?


A: Only the main treasury amount (i.e. ERC20s) would be applicable for ragequit. The NFTs are stored in a side vault, and won't be applicable here.

We are working on a new proposal type for buyout, so the ragequit member can ask for more funds to cover the appropriate ownership of the NFT.

Q: I want to ragequit, but I am facing a Contract Error. Why is this happening?


A: Please check that there are no active proposals, which you have voted 'Yes' on. If there are such proposals, please try again after the proposals have been processed.

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