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What are Minions?

Minions enable your DAO to make calls and interact with external smart contracts, empowering your DAO to do everything you want with a smart contract. When you submit, vote and pass a Minion Proposal, the Minion will execute your smart contract calls the way it was created to.

This opens up possibilities for DAOs to access any smart contracts out there, from providing liquidity positions, doing swaps or even purchasing NFTs.

Minion Types

Basic Minion

Want a simple way to execute smart contract calls automatically based on the outcome of your proposals? Also known as a vanilla minion, it is a basic upgrade to your DAO proposals, enabling one-time interactions with other smart contracts once your proposals are passed. This way, you can upgrade your DAO experience by seamlessly go from voting to execution without any coordination lags.

Advanced Minion

The Advanced Minion is similar to the Basic Minion, but has the added ability to set quorum levels so that transactions can be executed earlier once quorum requirements are met Also know as a Nifty Minion

Safe Minion

Deploying a Minion and a Gnosis Safe, this Minion stores and manage funds in a Gnosis Safe, as well as supports complex multi-call transactions. This Boost is perfect for advanced DAOs looking to trade NFTs, manage LP positions in AMMs or do other arbitrary transactions To increase proposal velocity for less critical proposals, the ability to set quorum levels enable early execution when a minimum quorum is met.

Superfluid Minion

The SuperFluid Minion helps automate ongoing streams of payments via the SuperFluid Protocol to vendors, other DAOs and any addresses Set it up once, and your payments will be streamed in real-time automatically as long as your minion vault has sufficient funds.

Using Minions

For common use cases with an existing Boost in our Boost Marketplace, following the installation steps will get your Minions and Boosts set up quickly. Check out this link for more information on Boosts.

However, if you want to do custom calls not supported in any DAOhaus Marketplace Boosts, you will need to install a Minion Suite first by clicking 'Install' on a Minion Suite in the Boosts page.

Once the Minion suite is installed, you can create Minion Proposals and start crafting your smart contract calls.