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Minion FAQ

Minion FAQ

Q: What is a Minion?


A: Minions enable your DAO to call arbitrary contracts, enabling you to do many things such as manage ENS, collect NFTs, manage treasury in DeFi, etc.

Q: Can a Minion hold NFTs?


A: Yes, they can.

Q: Does a Minion address need to be verified to interact with other contracts?


A: No, the minion does not need to be verified, as long as the contract address that the minion is interacting with is verified.

Q: I'm summoning a Minion. What does "Quorum" refer to?


A: Quorum refers to the percentage of total voing power required to pass the Minion proposal

Q: My Minion Proposal has failed. How do I withdraw my funds?



  1. Go to Settings page in your DAO (via left NavBar)
  2. Click the settings icon beside the relevant Minion
  3. Click Claim to claim your funds

Q: If Minions can be used for transactions over & over again, why do DAOs have multiple Minions?


A: These DAOs have multiple minions to organise & set aside funds for different purposes (e.g. Community tokens in one, NFTs in another, distribution tokens in another, etc.)

Q: Does a token need to be whitelisted for a Minion?


A: No, tokens do not need to be whitelisted for Minions.

Q: How can I better check & understand how much a Minion Proposal is sending?


A: In a Minion Proposal, click on Details under Target Address. The wad parameter in the modal refers to how much the Minion is requesting in 18 decimals. To derive the actual amount, you can use a converter like eth-converter.com.

Safe Minion

Q: What is the difference between a Safe Minion & normal Minion?


A: Their functionality is roughly the same, except that the Safe Minion uses a Gnosis Safe on the backend and has early execution capabilities.

Q: How do I summon a Safe Minion?


A: Click on the left navbar and go to the Boosts page. Click "Summon Minion" on the top right and select "Safe Minion" on the drop down to summon your Safe Minion

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