DAOhaus v2
DAO Operators
How to Navigate DAOhaus

If you’re new to the DAO space you can search for and see all of the DAOs created on DAOhaus on the Explore (opens in a new tab) page. Feel free to sort by membership size, DAO type, or other factors.

Navigating the Hub:

  • Hub: See all DAOs you're a member of and notifications of recent activity.
  • Explore: Explore existing DAOs
  • Summon: Summon a new DAO
  • Help: Link to docs for users and developers
  • Links: Other helpful links for the community

Pro tip: bookmark https://daohaus.gg (opens in a new tab) to head straight to your Hub ;)

Navigating within a DAO:

  • Home: Overview of bank and recent activity
  • Proposals: Submit, view and vote on proposals
  • Bank: View asset balances and assets
  • Members: View members, their details, and recent activity
  • Settings: View DAO contract information and set metadata
  • Apps: View and add apps to get more superpowers for a DAO
  • Allies: View DAO on DAO membership, displays DAOs your DAO is a part of
  • Profile: View your profile page, only information relevant to you displays here
  • Community Links: Links to external community resources like chat, blog, website, etc