v3 Upgrade

DAOhaus v3 has risen!

v3 rises

We have glorious news to share - DAOhaus v3 has risen!

You can learn about the upgrade here (opens in a new tab).

DAOhaus believes tools to empower DAOs should be open-source and publicly owned. Decentralization is our north star. We learned a lot developing v2 and prioritized creating a more decentralized and open tech stack for v3.

What does this mean for all your v2 DAOs? The DAOhaus v2 interface will live on at app.daohaus.club (opens in a new tab), but we will be removing some of the features that rely on centralized infrastructure.

Over the coming months we are deprecating the following v2 features:

While you could keep operating your old smelly v2 DAOs, we think this is the perfect time to upgrade to a fresh new v3!

Read more about the features we are removing and how it will impact your DAOs.

We have charted some common upgrade paths for your community to consider.

We are also happy to help guide you through this. Drop a line in the DAOhaus Discord server (opens in a new tab) #v3-migration channel and let's head north!

Long live the new Moloch!