v2 App Feature Impact

v2 App Feature Impact

v2 metadata and boost settings are stored in a centralized database that we are deprecating. We are also also deprecating one of our sub-graphs to cut down on query fees. This includes the centralized API that pushes this data.





  • Deprecating v2 infrastructure will render DAO metadata immutable.
  • Your DAO metadata will no longer be editable after the snapshot.

This includes:

  • DAO name, description, tags, social links
  • Avatars
  • Custom Themes
  • Proposal Playlists



  • We shut off new activation of boosts.
  • You will no longer be able to add new boosts, or edit any currently active boosts.
  • Existing boosts will remain active. Eventually boost features may no longer be accessible or experience technical issues.

Discord Notifications

  • Will continue to maintain Discord notifications
  • Have not set a deprecation date

Advanced UI

Vault Charts


  • Vault charts will be removed.
  • DAOs are still be able to access their vault cards, pages, and token holdings, but the vault chart UI (performance over time) will no longer be visible.

Member Charts


  • Member charts will be removed.
  • The member chart UI (membership over time) will no longer be visible.

Activity Feeds



  • We are deprecating activity feeds across all DAOs.
  • On the DAO homepage and members page, Recent Activity will no longer be visible.

Explore Filters


  • We are removing the filtering on the Explore DAOs page.
  • You will no longer be able to filter DAOs by Purpose and potentially other filter terms.