Shaman Contracts

A Shaman is a contract that the DAO approves and grants administrative permissions. Shamans are very powerful as they can make critical changes to the DAO outside of the proposal process.

Shamans must be added to a DAO and granted permissions. through a DAO proposal calling the setShaman (opens in a new tab) function on that DAO.

Shaman Roles

  0 = no permission
  1 = admin only
  2 = manager only
  4 = governance only
  3 = admin + manager
  5 = admin + governance
  6 = manager + governance
  7 = admin + manager + governance

Role Permissions


  • setAdminConfig: Updates token transferability


  • mintShares and mintLoot: Gives membership tokens to an address
  • burnShares and burnLoot: Takes membership tokens away from an address


  • setGovernanceConfig: Updates governance attributes
    • voting and grace period lengths
    • required proposal offering
    • proposal quorum
    • proposal sponsor threshold
    • minimum retention
  • cancelproposal: Cancel proposals if is in the voting period

Github (opens in a new tab)

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