Component Library

Component Library Packages


DAOhaus UI (opens in a new tab) is a comprehensive library, offering a robust set of UI components. You can import and use these to construct your application's user interface. The package caters particularly to TypeScript app development and can be adapted to any framework.

The component library is designed for rapid application development with limited customization, specifically targeting those building a React (opens in a new tab) app with DAOhaus styles. It is composed with the following libraries:

The library also includes a Storybook (opens in a new tab).



The components are organized into Atoms, Molecules, Organisms, and Layouts. This organization allows you to install the entire package or pick the components you need. Even though we bundle elements together, we provide the primitives when possible. If a molecule doesn't suit your needs, you can reconstruct it as you wish. For more detailed usage, refer to the associated story (opens in a new tab) for each component.