WHO: Any contributor can monitor and test PRs. Ultimately the Protocol Maintenance steward is responsible for ensuring the PR testing and merging process is flowing.

HOW OFTEN: Open PRs should be reviewed every other week at minimum.


1. Review Open Pull Requests

Pull Requests can be found in the monorepo (opens in a new tab)

All pull requests require approval from an existing contributor before they can be merged. Reach out in #Protocol Chat (opens in a new tab) if you've been contributing for a while and would like to be granted approval permissions.

2. Pull the branch down locally and test

Ensure the bug is fixed or feature added works as expected. Smoke test the rest of the app or SDK to ensure this hasn't introduced other issues.

Local development set up can be found on this page (opens in a new tab)

3. Provide feedback or merge the PR

Merging to the develop branch will build the apps to the testing apps for a final check: https://admin.daohaus.fun/ (opens in a new tab) https://summon.daohaus.fun/ (opens in a new tab)

4. Deploy

Deployment Guide

5. Close the Issue

Let's keep that issue backlog clean!