WHO: Any contributor can monitor and file bug reports. Ultimately the Protocol Maintenance steward is responsible for ensuring the issue triage process is flowing.

HOW OFTEN: As Needed. The #Bug Channel (opens in a new tab) should be checked weekly.


1. Monitor the DAOhaus Discord for bug reports

The most common places for bug reports are:

2. Create Issues

If a new bug is reported or a new feature is requested, validate the request, gather as much info as possible and create an issue in the Monorepo Issue board (opens in a new tab)

New issue form is here (opens in a new tab)

The form will walk you through to provide information that will help contributors efficiently fix the issues.

Here is an example of a good bug report (opens in a new tab)

3. Update the user that reported the issue.

Don't forget to pass along the good news!

4. Review existing issues

Once a month all existing issues should be reviewed to ensure they are still valid. If something is out of date or has been fixed it can be closed.