Treasury (Safe) Contracts

There are 2 types of safes that can be attached and managed with Moloch v3 Governance contract:

  • Ragequittable main safe (treasury)
  • Non-ragequittable sidecar safes

The DAO can have 1 main safe and many sidecars. The DAOHaus summoner factory supports creating a new safe when setting up your DAO or bringing an existing safe and attaching the new Moloch v3 governance contracts as modules.


  • Holds all on-chain assets, including ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, veTokens, native coins, etc.
  • Enables compatibility with all of the Safe-based apps and tools
  • Facilitates easy "upgrade" from a multisig to a DAO
  • Proposals are executed through Gnosis safe multicall function execution

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Safe Template

This is the template cloned when creating a new DAO.