DAO App Examples

Silo RDF

Silo RDF is an airdrop tool designed for NFT holders of any chosen ERC-721 collection to deploy ERC-6551 Token Bound Accounts (TBAs) and claim both governance power and meme tokens that are tied to a shared treasury.



Invoke is an app designed to simplify the process of deploying DAO contracts on the Arbitrum network. Featuring a user-friendly wizard, the app guides users step-by-step through the setup, offering contextual explanations and defaulting certain advanced fields to ensure a safer and more efficient launch process for Moloch v3 DAOs. Upon successful deployment, Invoke provides resources for ongoing administration and support via DAOhaus, as well as customization options through Bootleggers (opens in a new tab), aiming to foster engagement and contribute to the growth of the DAO ecosystem.



The NetworkRegistry contracts aim to help Protocol Guild (opens in a new tab) maintain a cross-chain-chain registry of active community contributors which is updated periodically to track members activity and update the compensation distribution. It uses Connext (opens in a new tab) to maintain the member registry state across multiple chains and integrates with 0xSplits (opens in a new tab) for split vested funds.


CookieJar is a collection of smart contracts that allow users to deposit ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens and earn interest on their deposits. The contracts are designed to be modular and extensible, allowing developers to easily add new features and functionality.


ETH Onboarder

ETH Onboarder is a streamlined app designed to manage the distribution of social or governance tokens through the staking of Ethereum, a chain's native token. The app employs an "onboarding Shaman" to facilitate the process, allowing users to stake into a shared treasury in exchange for DAO tokens. Specifically tailored for the Moloch DAO framework, ETH Onboarder issues tokens as part of its staking rewards.



The Yardarms signalling app, also referred to as a TCR (Token Curated Registry), is an incentivized voting platform designed to generate trusted lists curated and maintained by its users. Harnessing the "Wisdom of the Crowds" approach, users collectively vote with tokens to determine the validity and inclusion of submissions in the list, ensuring higher quality and standards compared to traditional lists. This DAO-managed app empowers DAOs to initiate signal events, permits members to present options, and allows token holders to allocate signals to their preferred choices, demonstrating its versatility in applications ranging from quality control to fraud prevention.


VC Onboarder

VC Onboarder is a decentralized application (dApp) integrated with a MolochV3 Shaman contract, designed to simplify the onboarding of new members into a DAO. The app enhances security and prevents fraudulent activity by incorporating a sybil-resistant layer, using verifiable credentials for on-chain validation. It adheres to the EIP-712 standard, which governs typed structured data hashing and signing schemes, ensuring a reliable and secure user experience.


NFT Onboarder

NFT Onboarder enables holders of a specific NFT collection to claim shares in a DAO, bridging the gap between digital collectibles and decentralized governance. Utilizing a custom Shaman, the app registers the NFT collection, meticulously tracks which NFT IDs have been claimed, and mints corresponding shares for the DAO. This seamless integration not only adds utility to the NFTs but also diversifies the ways in which participants can engage with DAOs.


Simple DAO Search

Simple DAO Search is a specialized search engine tailored for finding Moloch DAOs across various blockchain networks. Users can search for DAOs by name and apply filters based on the specific chain they are interested in. The app provides detailed information on each DAO, including its name, tagline, members, proposals, and tokens in circulation.


Free Ryder DAO App

Free Ryder is a DAOcember demo app that integrates with the Claims Shaman, offering a novel way to earn DAO shares. The app allows users to acquire shares by simply pressing a button, removing traditional barriers such as merit-based contributions or proof of personhood. This ease of access provides a unique, frictionless entry point into the world of DAOs for newcomers and experienced users alike.


v3 Reports

v3 Reports serves as a rudimentary report creation tool specifically designed for DAOhaus v3 DAOs. The app provides simple examples for generating downloadable CSV files that display comprehensive data on all members and proposals associated with a particular DAO. While the app is primarily an example and its functionality may be outdated, it offers a starting point for developers interested in creating more advanced reporting tools for DAOs.