WHO: Any contributor can monitor and test PRs. Ultimately the Protocol Maintenance steward is responsible for ensuring the PR testing and merging process is flowing.

HOW OFTEN: Open PRs should be reviewed every other week at minimum.



The app deployments are managed with github actions, built to Cloudflare instances and the domains are managed by core contributors:

  • PRs merged from your feature branch to develop will build to the .fun testing deployments
  • PRs merged from develop to main will build to the .club production deployments

The subgraph deployment process can be found here


The SDK npm packages are managed with github actions and are automatically deployed when package versions are updated and merged into master.

1. Open a release branch Create an new branch off develop with this naming convention:

release/<year><month<day> ie.) release/20240329

2. Bump the npm package versions These are found in each affected package in the libs folder (opens in a new tab)

Use standard semver versioning to identify patch, minor and major version updates.

NOTE: These packages are pretty tightly coupled, so we've been bumping all lib version to keep the version numbers in sync across packages.

3. Create a Release page

All Release (opens in a new tab)

Example (opens in a new tab)


  • Full commit log
  • Bullet of important changes
  • Note any breaking changes and upgrade instructions
  • Contributor list

4. Open a PR

  • First PR from your release branch into develop
  • Then open one from develop into main
  • PRs will require contributor approval. Post the link to the PR in #Protocol Chat (opens in a new tab) to get help with that.

5. Monitor the github action log to ensure the build is successful

Action Logs (opens in a new tab)

6. Let the world know!

When deployed post a link to the release page in #Protocol Chat (opens in a new tab)