Keychain utils provide a comprehensive reference point for managing chain-specific DAO data. The package provides an easy way to retrieve a list of constants for any given chain. These constants include contract addresses, API endpoints, The Graph endpoints, and block explorers. The keychain-utils are structured as objects, with chain IDs serving as the keys to these objects.

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yarn add @daohaus/keychain-utils


How to create a link to the block explorer for an address or transaction

import { generateExplorerLink } from '@daohaus/keychain-utils';
const contractLink = generateExplorerLink({
  chainId: '0x1',
  address: '0x0address',
  type: 'address',
const txLink = generateExplorerLink({
  chainId: '0x5',
  address: '0x0TxHash',
  type: 'tx',

How to get contract addresses for each supported network

import { CONTRACT_KEYCHAINS } from '@daohaus/keychain-utils';
const vaultSummoner = CONTRACT_KEYCHAINS['VAULT_SUMMONER']['0x1'];

How to get subgraph endpoints for each supported network

import { ENDPOINTS } from '@daohaus/keychain-utils';
const arbitrumGraph = ENDPOINTS['V3_SUBGRAPH']['0xa'];
const hydratedEndpoints = addApiKeyToGraphEnpoints(
  { '0x1': 'someGraphApiKey' },
const mainnetGraph = hydratedEndpoints['V3_SUBGRAPH']['0x1'];

How to get the name of a network from the ID

import { getNetworkName } from '@daohaus/keychain-utils';
const name = getNetworkName('0x64');