Shaman Examples

Seneschal Shaman

The "Seneschal" Hats-Enabled MolochDAO_V3 Shaman is a tool for reducing administrative and operational overhead while distributing rewards to DAO participants and value creators. It uses Arweave and Mirror to impart deep permanence and data availability on actions taken to further the mission of DAO.

"Kazoku" Seneschal Front-End Specifications (opens in a new tab)


Hats Onboarding Shaman

A Baal manager shaman that allows onboarding, offboarding, and other DAO member management based on Hats Protocol hats. Members must wear the member hat to onboard or reboard, can be offboarded if they no longer wear the member hat, and kicked completely if they are in bad standing for the member hat. Onboarded members receive an initial share grant, and their shares are down-converted to loot when they are offboarded.

ETH Onboarder Shaman

This shaman mints DAO shares or loot to anyone who sends ETH into it. This can be used as a fundraising tool that onboards DAO members while growing the treasury.

Other examples of onboarder (opens in a new tab) shamans.

Subscription Shaman

This shaman enables a subscription model. It grants shares upon each payment, enforces payment periods, and collects late payments.